Bareboat charter

'Integrity' is available for bareboat charter to suitably qualified and experienced skippers. A minimum qualification of RYA Motor Level 2 is required, and at the start of a charter the skipper is required to take integrity to sea for at least one hour to demonstrate capability in handling the craft when casting off, at sea and berthing.

Prior to the start of the charter we recommend that all skippers obtain a copy of the 2nd edition of RYA Powerboat Handbook and familiarise themselves with the content. (Available from RYA or Amazon).

All bareboat charter fees and fuel used during the charter are subject to VAT


Skippered cruises

We provide skippered transport and cruises on board 'Integrity'.

Benefits of skippered cruises are...

A. You can have the freedom to explore areas of your choice, without the need to be qualified, and without the burden of responsibility which comes when skippering a £250k boat.

B. You may wish to helm the boat yourself under the supervision of the skipper, who will take as much hands off or hands on approach as you agree (the skipper has final say).

C. You may wish to obtain a powerboat qualification during your cruise. Subject to dates, we may be able to provide training, examination, and RYA qualification for you.

D. The cost of the skippered cruise is zero rated for VAT.